Sunday, June 16, 2024

Coffee Break: Taylor Headphones

frends headphones

I got a pair of Frends headphones with BaubleBar credits a while ago, and am surprised by how much I really like them. The sound quality is good, although I’m not terribly picky about that, and in addition to the stylishness and sheer prettiness of the headphones, one of my favorite features is the cord. This is an odd thing to call out, but here’s what I like: it’s fabric. It doesn’t tangle or get kinks in it, and it lays flat and is easy to manage. These “oil slick” headphones are even cooler than the white/rose gold pair I got, and they’re part of the big ShopBop sale: they’re normally $200, but with code SHOPEVENT they come down to 15-25% off, depending on how much you spend. (Arrgh, correction, the 15% discount doesn’t kick in until you spend $250.) FRENDS Taylor Headphones

Here’s our last discussion on the propriety of headphones at the office…



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