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No Takeout Challenge Week 3: 10 One-Pot Meal Recipes

These recipes are part of the #NoTakeoutChallenge. If you haven’t already, make sure you sign up here to receive all of the tips, tricks, and recipes from the month-long program.

Welcome to week three of the SELF X Food52 No Takeout Challenge!

Each of the incredible Food52 recipes listed below are one-pot (or pan or sheet) wonders. Perfect for busy nights, these no-fuss meals are easy to throw together and even easier to clean up. So here’s your game plan:

1. You know the drill: There are 10 Food52 recipes selected for you below. Choose five of your favorites, then create a calendar of what nights you plan on cooking each meal. Pick up any groceries you may need today and you’re good to go!

2. Share what meals you’re going to cook on Instagram and Twitter. Tag @SelfMagazine and @Food52 to give us a heads up. We’ll be using the hashtags #NoTakeoutChallenge and #TeamSELF, just FYI.

3. And if you’re not into these recipes you can make something else instead. The goal is to cook five dinners this week—however you do it is fine with us!

4. And be on the lookout for five mini challenges coming your way on Wednesday morning!

Get The Recipes 1. Lemon And Spinach Orzo Soup

Photo by Supper With Michelle – Michelle Braxton, Courtesy of Food52

This warm, delicious goodness is the perfect pick-you-up soup. Get the recipe here.



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