Sunday, June 16, 2024

Why Teddy had to bite the dust

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The writer of You’re halving a laugh (Shortcuts, G2, 7 March) obviously thinks half-pint drinkers are being cheated in paying more proportionately for their tipple. When I have my half of shandy, I take up just as much room in the pub, toy with it for just as long as the pint drinker, need my glass washing just the same, and use the loo and the bike-rack/car park like Mr Pint. Why should I pay only half what he does?

• My first Christmas home from college I found my only soft toys – a beloved sawdust-filled Teddy and a gangly rabbit in pyjamas, called Arthur Noddy for reasons obscured by the mists of time – missing (The cuddly toys have got to go, Family, 5 March). Eventually my mother admitted cremating them as unwanted dust-gatherers. I’m 82 but have yet to forgive her.


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