Sunday, June 16, 2024

Get empowered at Women’s live panel event

Active-living brand Lorna Jane is putting on a live panel event this month to talk about wellbeing, success and fitness.

The Empowering Women live panel discussions have been organised by leading Australian active-living brand Lorna Jane together with wellbeing campaigner Lizzie Horgan, who was diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at 25 years old. Since her diagnosis, Lizzie has worked with many organisations to raise greater awareness of her condition and to help others who are also suffering to live more sustainable lives.

The panel discussion, led by wellbeing and yoga expert Robyn Silverton, will focus on four main topics:

1. The ‘Third Metric’ – a concept introducted by Arianna Huffington, which redefines the meaning of success from acquiring money and power to prioritising your wellbeing

2. Healthy striving – how loving yourself and reframing your thoughts can lead to a happier life

3. Wellness and fitness revolution and what this means for women in particular

4. How to step out of your comfort zones, overcome your insecurities and follow your dreams

Panelists at the Empowering Women discussions will include Robyn Silverton; health, fitness and luxury lifestyle journalist, Poppy Cross; Senior Lifestyle Editor at the Huffington Post, Brogan Driscoll; Editor-in-Chief of Well To Do, Lauren Armes and Founder of Ethos, Jessica Kruger.

After the event, healthy refreshments will be provided for attendees and you’ll also have the amazing chance to speak personally to each of the panellists. If you’re looking for sound advice on any of these topics, it sounds like the perfect way to spend the morning.


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