Sunday, June 16, 2024

Building Post-COVID, Future-proof Resilience.

Autumn is here, Winter is near. Almost a year our world has been shaken by a very smart, almost elusive virus, impacting every aspect of life. Creating new ways of interacting, socially and commercially. As the world works to defeat the pandemic, countries try to aim at transforming their economies and communities to be fairer, smarter and greener, in order to come back stronger.

We hear more and more now the importance of resilience in order to survive the pandemic. From physical & mental resilience, social & community resilience, and economic resilience. And of course, resilience in jobs, the extent to which digitalisation has saved jobs is incredible. There are many aspects of life that we can control, modify, and improve. That’s the role of resilience. Becoming more resilient not only helps us get through difficult circumstances, it also empowers to improve life along the way to the one we want. There are plenty of self-help e-book and sites for references, but of course resilience does come also from within. The one billion dollar question is, what kind of future do we want to build our resilience around ?

Contradicting opinions start arising whether or not solidarity is as genuine as it should be. When one job is competed amongst thousands of applicants, it’s dogs eat dogs. When the elderly and more experienced have to move aside for the younger generations and do nothing, making them vulnerable. When an area is overpopulated and considered COVID high-risk, good neighbours turn into informants. The verdict of the trend now is that the majority would still choose saving themselves before others. Remember what the flight attendant always says in case of emergency ? Put your life jacket first before helping others.

One of the benefits of resilience that come from within is, it can save oneself without having to sacrifice others. Metaphorically speaking, Backgammon is a game where all you do is to try and keep blocking the other’s moves. A game played by blocking only is a game for those who are not brave enough for a healthy competition, and certainly won’t last long. But a strategy game of survival, like chess, is the true resilience, and true survival. And that is how we should build our post-COVID world to be future-proof resilient. Survival of the wittiest.

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