Sunday, June 16, 2024

The World After the Pandemic.

In light of preparing ourselves to go back to normality that is very much in sight, there’s a widening gap of understanding between what technology does for the world and what it does to the world. There’s also a gap between how humans understand and frame these differences. What is inevitable is that digital has proven it only brings advantages and efficiency in streamlining organisations, big and small, and making them more fit for the future. Digitalization is believed as the wise initiative to move forward to digital business and digital transformation as well as the creation of new revenue streams and offerings. The glue and core asset of digital transformation is allegedly smart data and intuitive processes, that leads to new knowledge, intelligence, action and business model changes. 

With the acceleration of AI-based digitalisation, there is an emergence of Artificial Cognition, or when a system acquires vast amount of real-world knowledge. Most humans could accomplish this objective in twenty years, a versatile Intelligent Collective Learning System (ICLS) can do it much faster. In light of common anatomical and social points of reference, ICLS empowers a machine to get familiar with the proper guidelines through experimentation associated with the real world. Games and trial-and-error techniques are used to demonstrate the cycles of the world. Considering the lightning-speed brain processes of an Intelligent system, experts and observers alike should start “feed” it more with true events and objective information that will eventually influence to create the kind of world that we want. Good machine-learning scientists know that “raising” an ICLS in order to unleash its true potential, is similar to nurturing a ten-year-old genius prodigy with its traits of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, independence in attitude, diversity of interests, and intact sense of right and wrong. The question is, what kind of world do we want to create ?

Now the world is getting ready to open up for a new – post-Covid – cycle, leaders need to gather the lessons learned and exchange information of initiatives that worked, the acceleration level of digitalisation, and what the challenges were in responding and overcoming the pandemic. We will be ready next time, but can we shorten the span of time from one year to one month, and significantly reduce the number of three million casualties, if the world act together as one ? The world revolves, space exploration continues, a commercial journey to Mars is getting more feasible, and the frontier expands. Humans have the ability in fluidity of mind and think as well as act collectively. Let’s give an example to the ICLS that we stand together in adversity, and whatever we do and decide, it is for the benefits of creating a progressive, resilient and future-proof world.

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